Orris Forest: A Hike to the Meramec River

Growing up, my grandmother lived south of Saint Louis close to the Meramec River. As a child, I loved hiking out in the woods behind her house down to a creek that was a tributary to that river. There were fun hills to climb, and the smell was so fresh, green and vibrant. As IContinue reading “Orris Forest: A Hike to the Meramec River”

Tempo Rubato: A Celebration of Timeless, Natural Beauty

Recently, I have become fixated on orris butter. This is quite the legendary material in perfumery, known for both its beauty and its expense. It is associated with the iris (the official flower of Saint Louis, no less, due to its association with the fleur de lis and the namesake of my city), but withContinue reading “Tempo Rubato: A Celebration of Timeless, Natural Beauty”

Scent Notes: At the Confluence of Rivers and Cultures

Here in Saint Louis, the word “confluence” is used for many reasons. Of course, the easiest connection is the meeting of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers, which was the reason why Pierre Laclede Liguest and Madame Therese Chouteau chose it as the location for their trading hamlet. But it goes even beyond that. Additionally, dueContinue reading “Scent Notes: At the Confluence of Rivers and Cultures”

Natural Materials and Consistency (or lack thereof)

Hey everybody, as you probably know, Scott and the wonderful team of Declaration Grooming have taken over production of all grooming and shaving products with Chatillon Lux scents. And it’s been great! We’ve revisited the first scent he ever used (Champs de Lavande) and have a lot of great plans for the near future. However,Continue reading “Natural Materials and Consistency (or lack thereof)”

Treachery: This Is Not a Perfume

When working on this newest perfume, I wanted something comforting. My development began in the cold months of fall and winter, starting in 2019, but the final stages of development came during a stay-at-home order during the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. I was lucky enough to have not been as directly affected as manyContinue reading “Treachery: This Is Not a Perfume”

La Petite Prairie from Chatillon Lux: A Multi-Generational Fresh Vetiver Citrus Fragrance

As much as I love perfume of all types, especially the experimental or wholly unique compositions from the wealth of modern independent perfumers, there are certain time-tested classics that I’ll always reach for. Whether it’s Eau Sauvage by Dior, Terre de Hermès or Vetiver by Guerlain, there’s a perfect balance in these between fresh notesContinue reading “La Petite Prairie from Chatillon Lux: A Multi-Generational Fresh Vetiver Citrus Fragrance”

Crystal Moon by Maher Olfactive: Osmanthus Absolute Told in a Fantastical Myth

When I was composing the initial new release for the Maher Olfactive launch, I wanted it to be the most indulgent perfume that I could imagine. Something that was both daring and familiar, luxurious yet imaginative, comforting yet kind of cold. This led to the initial inspiration, a material that I’ve long wanted to putContinue reading “Crystal Moon by Maher Olfactive: Osmanthus Absolute Told in a Fantastical Myth”