2019 Awards Wrap-Up

Hey all, while my overly Midwestern modesty resists doing this kind of thing, the awards that I won in 2019 were so gratifying that I wanted to share, especially because it would not have happened without your support. 

First of all, CaFleureBon’s editors named their best of 2019 lists. Weinstrasse appeared on the list for Michelyn Camen and Lauryn Beer. Additionally, our Side Project Series release, Biblio, popped onto Gail Gross’ best-of list

In the annual awards from Mark Behnke, Weinstrasse was named the best perfume of the year, which is really quite an honor considering how many amazing fragrances came out this year. Additionally, I received an honorable mention as perfumer of the year and perfume house of the year. It’s a who’s who of fragrance even in the honorable mentions so I’m honored. In his follow up posts, Mark named Admiral in his top 25 of the year and even mentioned my Scent Notes columns as something he wishes would become a more widespread practice in 2020. 

Thanks to not only the reviewers but also you for all the encouraging words. The bar has been set and so I know I have to work extra hard in 2020 in order to keep raising the standards. 

I have some big plans that will be announced soon, and some that I’ve already announced. It’s going to be a great year. 

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