Natural Materials and Consistency (or lack thereof)

Hey everybody, as you probably know, Scott and the wonderful team of Declaration Grooming have taken over production of all grooming and shaving products with Chatillon Lux scents. And it’s been great! We’ve revisited the first scent he ever used (Champs de Lavande) and have a lot of great plans for the near future. However, with a new batch of 88 Chestnut Street coming out, we wanted to give you a heads up about the scent.

Basically, it boils down to natural materials. In this case specifically, neroli. Neroli is the blossom from a bitter orange tree. In 88 Chestnut Street, I use a neroli essential oil, which is awesome. Like many florals, it’s a bit pricey due to the difficult extraction process. And like all naturals, the product is subject to fluctuations due to harvest conditions and, very often, the increasing number of natural disasters that growers must deal with as an effect of climate change.

For this latest batch, we sourced some new neroli essential oil out of necessity. In using it, it feels much better in the blend, making it more harmonious and giving it a richer neroli opening. However, it is different, and so we’ve got to embrace the change. Mainly, because we have no choice.

While many naturals are very beautiful, they are subject to the whims of Mother Nature and also the market demand/supply. So please keep that in mind with the new 88 Chestnut Street batch of soap and aftershave. The EdC formula remains the same (and uses more complex accords that add more safeguards) and it is the same batch that I made at the beginning of the summer. And there is a ton of that batch left.

In the future, I will let you know about any changes that effect the final composition of a fragrance. While I love using natural materials (at least the ones not restricted in their usage, as natural materials are often the culprits of irritation and have their usage restricted more often than synthetically derived materials), it was already an issue even before economics, pandemics and nutso weather affected the supply chain. But in this case, at least, both Scott and I feel it is a change for the better. Maybe unexpected, but good news nonetheless!

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