Orris Forest: A Hike to the Meramec River

Growing up, my grandmother lived south of Saint Louis close to the Meramec River. As a child, I loved hiking out in the woods behind her house down to a creek that was a tributary to that river. There were fun hills to climb, and the smell was so fresh, green and vibrant.

As I was composing Tempo Rubato and contemplating the multifaceted scent of orris butter, especially the watery green nuances. It suddenly made me think of those hikes. So I composed this with those memories at the top of mind to create a nouveau fougère of sorts.

In order to complement this aspect of the orris, I used violet leaf absolute, irival and orivone in conjunction with hinoki for a watery green, woody note. Then the sparkling note of helional makes it shine even more, with a raspberry accord and a spearmint note (methyl salicylate) act as players in small doses, not noticeable on their own, just to affect the occord. Finally, cypriol adds some dark, green lush weight to the accord. Finally, I use gamma nonalactone, a creamy coconut note that ends up giving a fig leaf effect to this part of the scent. Finally, ambergris and ambroxan finalize the watery green aspect.

In order to give the impression of the flowers that were blossoming throughout the hikes, I used cassie absolute (aka frangipani), Bulgarian lavender, jasmine grandiflorum absolute (complemented by high-cis hedione, a fruity jasmine note), neroli essential oil from France, bergamot from Italy (rectified to remove sensitizing elements) and amyl salicylate, a clover-type note.

Finally, the woody, spicy and mossy notes. First of all, piñon pine essential oil, juniper tree essential oil and iso e super give a bright,  green conifer note. Then an IFRA-compliant oakmoss, coumarin and amyl salicylate (a clover-type note) give it the fougère feel, complemented by dark-aged patchouli (supplemented by clearwood), coriander, black pepper from India and romanolide, a fresh, white musk.

The result is a fresh spring day with blooming flowers, shimmering green notes with dew drops, the wet rocks of a creek and spicy, mossy undergrowth. This will be released along with Tempo Rubato on December 8.

Notes: cassie absolute, violet leaf, orris butter, fig leaf, piñon pine, juniper tree, Bulgarian lavender, coriander, oakmoss, coumarin, dark-aged patchouli and Indian black pepper.

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