Scent Notes: Nonaginta is the 90s-tastic Chapter of the Side Project Series

The 90s are now a distant memory, or not even a memory for some at this point, but this was the decade that left the biggest impact on me, for better or worse (and in retrospect, mostly worse). So naturally, when I was commissioned to created fragrance inspired by that decade, particularly those citrus aquaticsContinue reading “Scent Notes: Nonaginta is the 90s-tastic Chapter of the Side Project Series”

Scent Notes: Weinstrasse is History Repeating Itself, but only Vaguely

For those of you who have been around a while, you know I’ve had a few fougères in my past. La Forêt de Liguest was meant to echo the rich forests of the bend in the Mississippi River that would become Saint Louis, a rich, dense and sweet fougère. Sylva, however, was bright, green andContinue reading “Scent Notes: Weinstrasse is History Repeating Itself, but only Vaguely”

Scent Notes: Admiral Introduces Art Deco to the River

For the most part, I make scents that I want to wear. Maybe it’s a riff off of an accord that I enjoy or a real-life scent that I want to incorporate, and sometimes I’m inspired to create something that I want to smell but never have. With Admiral, I found myself going down noneContinue reading “Scent Notes: Admiral Introduces Art Deco to the River”

Scent Notes: Queen Nefertiti and Miles Davis, Defying Tradition

In creating Nefertiti, I began contemplating how to create a scent that reflected the composition of Miles Davis, a Saint Louis-area native who got his start filling in on trumpet when Billy Eckstine’s band (featuring Art Blakey, Dizzy Gillespie, and Charlie Parker) for a horn player who fell ill when they arrived in Saint Louis.Continue reading “Scent Notes: Queen Nefertiti and Miles Davis, Defying Tradition”

Scent Notes: Biblio, the Scent of an Ancient Library

There are not many scents more magical than those experienced while browsing through a collection of old, hardcover books. Books that have been well handled and have imparted a wealth of knowledge and adventure unto generations of readers. The weathered, brittle paper that has been lovingly turned dozens and dozens of times, the creaking leatherboundContinue reading “Scent Notes: Biblio, the Scent of an Ancient Library”

Scent Notes: Santal Auster and a Lifetime of Wood

Weclome to volume 2 of Scent Notes, the new series in which I give you a sneak peek into my creative process as well as my musings on fragrance in general. Scent is such an immersive thing that is so directly connected to memory and the feelings that evokes that I want to share theContinue reading “Scent Notes: Santal Auster and a Lifetime of Wood”

Scent Notes: Introducing the Side Project Series

Over the past few months, a conundrum that I’ve been thinking about is what to do with ideas that do not really fit in with the Chatillon Lux line. Whether it’s due to the story behind them, the cost of the materials making them prohibitively expensive, or just compositions that would only appeal to aContinue reading “Scent Notes: Introducing the Side Project Series”

Scent Notes: Lamplight Penance and a Hero’s Final Chapter

Although Lamplight Penance does not come out until Saturday, October 13, it has been a long time in the making. On my end, approximately two years to find the right way to tell this story. But considering when an electrician uncovered Henri Chatillon’s secrets underneath attic floorboards in 1967, it has been just over 50Continue reading “Scent Notes: Lamplight Penance and a Hero’s Final Chapter”

Scent Notes: Eau de Treget Rewrites History

Back before Chatillon Lux was even thinking about opening for business, I began working on my very first fragrance. Fast forward to early last year as Chatillon Lux was celebrating our second anniversary (and even still next year as we celebrated our third) and I was thinking about Delor de Treget. A lot. And IContinue reading “Scent Notes: Eau de Treget Rewrites History”

Scent Notes: Yuzu/Rose/Patchouli

The origin story of Yuzu/Rose/Patchouli is not one of grand toil, but rather grand inspiration. While enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon, I found my mind wandering towards fragrance, as it often does. I began considering the classic rose and patchouli accord. The two go together splendidly, with the deeply round and pungent woody notes ofContinue reading “Scent Notes: Yuzu/Rose/Patchouli”